Frequently Asked Questions

About Earth Exponential

Great question! Our team first sources and evaluates credible climate projects with development co-benefits to feature on Earth Exponential. Funders can review climate projects on the platform and express their interest to connect with the concerned non-profit after reading the project page. We then facilitate initial conversations between the funder and non-profit, after which the parties can choose to take it forward, while keeping the Earth Exponential team informed.
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No. Earth Exponential is an ecosystem catalyst, providing critical support to the climate ecosystem to scale India’s climate solutions. By providing a platform for inclusive climate solutions, we increase the efficiency of climate funding, and build capacity with non-profits. We also help create a shared, accessible understanding of the climate ecosystem and bring funders and non-profits together to lead the charge on climate change.
No, we do not take a commission for projects funded, and we are also not involved in the contracting or transfer of funds between funders and non-profits.
We are very serious about protecting any information shared with Earth Exponential. Confidential information regarding projects is available only to verified funders who have registered on the platform. Data shared by funders during registration is only used to customise user experience, curate effective solutions, and is treated as confidential.

Funding a project 

Certain categories of information about a project and the non-profit are accessible only to registered users of Earth Exponential, and therefore cannot be accessed by everyone. To access this locked content tailored to funders, you must first register here to create an account on the platform. Our team will then get in touch with the login details, following which funders can view all the details of the project.
Interested funders can log into their account to connect with the non-profit concerned, by clicking ‘Connect with non-profit’ on the relevant project page. While we will facilitate the initial conversation between the non-profit and the funder, Earth Exponential does not take on the contracting or actual funding for the projects.
We are committed to featuring credible, high-impact climate projects designed and implemented by reputed non-profits, and we conduct due diligence to support this. We verify that non-profits comply with regulatory and financial requirements and have a good track record with prior funders. Every project on this platform is subject to this process and bears the Earth Exponential Verified mark. However, we encourage funders to conduct their own due diligence and field visits beyond this to get a complete understanding of the project, as well as its viability.
Our team has worked closely with non-profits to ensure they have the capacity to monitor and evaluate the progress of their featured climate projects, including support to design or strengthen M&E frameworks, and to communicate such progress to funders. While the Earth Exponential team does not take on the actual monitoring of these projects, the suggested M&E framework for each project can be accessed by funders after logging into their accounts on the platform.

Featuring a project

Our curation criteria are holistic. We approach projects through a systems lens that is people-first – we look at both climate impacts as well as environmental and socio-economic benefits. These projects secure progress on Sustainable Development Goals and key Schedule VII priorities and help funders identify projects that align with their existing portfolios. We then work together with the non-profits to support the development of strong project proposals, ensuring that climate-related benefits can be effectively evaluated and communicated to funders.
If your organisation is interested in featuring a climate project or if you know a good project worth featuring, please share the details about the project, geography, target communities, and climate impacts via the Contact Us form. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to take the discussion forward.

Yes. If a project of yours is currently featured on our platform, and any details require updating or modification, please write to us at describing your request, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The climate projects featured on this platform are carefully curated and offer the potential for positive climate and socio-economic impact – and we dream of seeing them scale. Funders can choose to meet a project’s funding goals in specific geographies, and non-profits might be willing to work with them to customise these projects to a certain extent. The Earth Exponential team reviews featured projects on the platform periodically to assess if projects are facing challenges, and how we can better support non-profits in meeting their goals.

Learning about climate change

Not all of them. We are trying to build an inclusive knowledge repository, with the latest and most relevant insights from the climate ecosystem to introduce users to climate challenges as well as share how India is tackling them. In our resources section, we feature quality multimedia resources by credible organisations, a few of which have been produced by the India Climate Collaborative and its partners, and credit them accurately. Some resources link out to third party websites, and, while we have run a preliminary check, we are not responsible for the content or the safety of these websites. For more information on links and content, read our Terms and Conditions.
Earth Exponential’s resources section is open to everyone and has been designed to be useful to those who are early in their journey of learning about climate change as well as those with a deeper understanding of its complexities.

Yes! We are always looking to strengthen and expand our knowledge repository. Write to us at with your suggestion and please let us know why you think we should include it.