Unlocking funding to solve   
  difficult climate problems  

Unlocking funding to solve difficult climate problems

India’s home-grown climate solutions offer exponential impact for the planet.

India’s global position, as one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world, and its population represent tremendous potential – for innovation, inclusive development, and a chance to shape the future of our planet.

However, communities – especially underserved populations – are experiencing the debilitating impacts of climate change. Over 75% of India’s districts are vulnerable to increasingly unpredictable and severe extreme weather, like heatwaves, floods, droughts, cyclones, and erratic rainfall. These climate risks are aggravating pre-existing developmental challenges and systemic inequalities that in turn impact economic productivity, education, healthcare, and safety, among other things. The potential of individuals and communities in India, as well as their aspirations for better opportunities will likely be defined by how India handles the climate crisis. We urgently need inclusive climate solutions that secure India’s future.

Through extensive interactions across the climate ecosystem, the India Climate Collaborative realised that the solutions we need to address climate change are all around us. Non-profits across the country are innovating and re-imagining localised climate solutions that are community-first, cost-effective, and address socio-economic priorities. Designed to account for multiple challenges amid scarcity, these solutions reflect a stronger, inclusive development paradigm with the potential to accelerate exponentially across the planet. But to be scaled for impact, these solutions need greater visibility and funding.

In our efforts to mobilise corporate philanthropy for climate action, we learnt that funders find it challenging to identify, and measure suitable climate solutions that align with India’s developmental priorities, and they also desire a deeper understanding of climate change. And so, Earth Exponential was born.

Earth Exponential enables corporate philanthropy to scale climate solutions for a better future.

Grounded in equity and a passion to solve the climate crisis especially for India’s most vulnerable, we support funders to scale India’s home-grown solutions for exponential impact and build global visibility for these solutions. We provide non-profits with ecosystem support, capacity, and tools to build and scale climate projects and we make knowledge about climate change and solutions easily accessible to the ecosystem. We encourage funders to conduct their own due diligence and field visits to get a full sense of the project.

These climate solutions are designed by
on-ground experts.

We partner with reputed non-profits that work closely with communities to design and implement climate projects with development co-benefits. We presently feature projects under five solution areas, and each project:

How this platform works

EE sources and evaluates credible climate projects with development co-benefits
Funder reviews the climate project on EE and expresses interest
EE facilitates conversations between funder and non-profit
We are committed to featuring credible, high-impact climate projects designed and implemented by reputed non-profits. We conduct due diligence to verify that non-profits comply with regulatory and financial requirements and have a good track record with prior funders.

We also support the development of strong project proposals to ensure climate-related benefits can be effectively communicated and evaluated. We encourage funders to conduct their own due diligence and field visits to get a full sense of the project.