Keystone Foundation

Keystone Foundation is a not-for-profit trust registered in 1993 under the Indian Trust Act of 1882, based out of Kotagiri, but with field centres across Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. They started working in the region, with the aim to achieve livelihood and food security, land and community rights, as well as community health and development for indigenous communities, while also ensuring conservation of biodiversity. In the later years, they shifted their focus to the socio-ecological growth of all life in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Their scope of work has now transcended boundaries to include tribal populations in other parts of the country, as well as collaborations with allied organizations that share their ethos and vision. Their work links issues of natural resources and rural development with a cross-cutting lens of climate change. In recent years some of the projects addressed the challenges of climate change on conservation, livelihoods, and enterprise development, through appropriate knowledge and action, technologies, socio-economic innovations, and institutions.

Keystone Foundation’s projects